HAJI RAFIUDDIN WALIUDDIN maintains strict quality control practices to determine that all the goods are of high standard. Extensive use of total quality methods contributes greatly to meet the standard set by the company. Quality control processes are set up at every stage of production with stringent standards to ensuring the highest quality. The quality control personnel carry out pre-inspection of products at different stages to maintain standards and to find out defective products.

Our Quality Policy states that we:

* Quality Assurance in HAJI RAFIUDDIN WALIUDDIN takes place in three layers.

* On line quality checking by weaving, dyeing and finishing section Inspection team in each stage of production.

* Completely independent professional Q/C team under the supervision of Quality Manager on a daily basis.

* Final inspection by the competent Quality Control Team of the company as per buyer’s standard.

* High quality of open end, ring spun and combed yarn from best competent resources.

* Ensuring the quality by testing outside in the standard laboratory on a regular basis.